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Revenue Investigations



Revenue Investigations

HMRC is increasingly organised in its approach to compliance and enforcement. From targeting specific trades and professions through to increasing its analysis of data, no one is safe from HMRC's gaze.

With a tax gap of £34bn to reduce, and a £800m boost from the government to tackle non-compliance, we expect enquiry activity to be at the heart of HMRC's strategic plans.

  • During 2014/15, HMRC collected over £26.6bn from compliance activities
  • The tax evasion hotline received over 84,000 calls in 2014
  • 46% of HMRC staff is now involved in enforcement and compliance
  • HMRC is moving all of its information into a single storage space called the 'enterprise data hub' where tax staff will see everything they need to know about an individual

To protect our clients, we offer a Tax Investigations Insurance. The insurance covers the representation costs incurred when dealing with certain HMRC enquiries and ensures that if you are selected we will defend you and resolve the situation within the shortest possible timeframe.

We strongly recommend our clients subscribe to this valuable service.

The risk of an HMRC enquiry is a reality. Subscribe today and have peace of mind that if you are targeted by HMRC you are protected against the professional costs involved.

To see how we can help you with your Revenue Investigation, please email Eddie Harrington or call 01494 552 117.

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